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Entry #3

New Game! Digg it!

2008-04-18 20:04:26 by SaucedMike

So I just released my latest game on! (I can't release it here until next week) -defender
but check it out

and if you want to be a big help, digg it! dle_Defender_Draw_your_own_ship

New Game! Digg it!


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2008-04-18 20:24:37

put it on ng

SaucedMike responds:

I cannot until next week.


2008-04-19 06:39:56

Wow! That rocked hard man! Amazing game! I got pretty far but then I found out you could cheat, van I ask, do you have time to edit it untill it comes out on NG?

SaucedMike responds:

yes I do.. what would you want changed?
if you noticed any glitches, it would be helpful if you could tell me them


2008-04-19 14:30:35

GREAT! I would like it SO yo only unlock the cheat in the buying menu, so you BUY the cheat instead of play with it.

Also, CUSTOM SHAPES, so it's easier to draw squares and triangles for your plane or ship or whatever, that would be awesome! You like?


2008-04-19 14:30:56

Noglitches though, I would say sorry but I'm going to say well done!


2008-04-21 11:54:18

you look like an asshole (no offense)

SaucedMike responds:

there, i changed it to a picture where i'm happy, yet still an asshole.


2008-04-21 12:12:48

IIIT's out :D! Nice one!


2008-07-05 08:08:44

Doodle Defender 2 was great. =D