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Looking for an artist or animator to help with games

2007-11-29 21:36:04 by SaucedMike

I just released my game Modern Medieval 2 (it seems to be doing pretty well), which I actually made 6 months ago, I just hadn't put the finishing touches on it to make it releasable during that time. Well during those 6 months I have vastly (well maybe not vastly)improved my actionscript skills.
But I have not improved my animation/art skills.
and graphics were one of the few gripes that people have had with modern medieval 2.

So I am looking for an animator/artist to collaborate on a game or two.
We would split profits evenly based on how much work was done.

If you are interested, please leave a comment with a link to some of your work.


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2007-11-29 21:39:52

I think, so. Maybe. I'll get to it.

SaucedMike responds:

your comment perplexes and amuses me


2007-11-29 22:06:47

I might be interested.
I don't have many examples of my more quality animation, as most of the stuff I've done recently has been for other people and companies, but I've had four movies in the top fifty (three on this account).

Let me know what projects you have in mind.


2007-11-29 22:36:09

Hmm. Sounds fun. Look at some of my newer movies, like "Washing Dishes" or "A Grain of Sand". That's some of my best stuff here on NG.

SaucedMike responds:

Sorry man, not really looking to make another stick game


2007-11-29 23:30:17

i'll do the voice acting and logos for ya!

SaucedMike responds:

If i need any voice acting i'll pm you.


2007-11-30 05:50:45

Hey, I'm a graphic artist. I'll admit, maybe not the best, but I'm sure I could do whatever work you could set me. < That's my dA, check me out.

Thanks for the opportunity.


2007-11-30 06:57:45

Hey Mike

I'll be happy to help you with the graphic and animation.

Drawing: /pictures/MasterChief.jpg

Animation: dnessDeathWish.html

Or just broswe all my stuff here


2007-11-30 10:08:48

Sounds interesting. i'm pretty decent at drawing, animating and that junk.
Actionscript is my downfall though, I only know the basics.
I submit all my half decent work here, so you can see if i'm worth it.

SaucedMike responds:

Some of your stuff is pretty good. Could you do a quick test running animation from the side so I can see what your capable of?


2007-11-30 17:27:50

Im not really the 'best' artest ever but my friends tell me I'm good. Im putting a example of one of my worst drawings ever on a newspost on my acount page. Mayby 2, I've never posted before. Also I am extremly bad at people, I am a Backround/Perspective specialist. I didn't scan any of my good pantings because they were 10 times the size of the scaner!

BTW-I draw, then scan, then edit on computer.


2007-12-07 20:12:28

Hey. lol i was just reading a repsonse that you made on one of my reviews and you said you were aroused by my slang..... kinda weird :D


2007-12-09 15:00:20

I like Tuwtles!! dude, when are we gonna start the revolution?

SaucedMike responds:

It's already started


2007-12-20 13:42:38

why not just have felipe do it ur gay


2007-12-24 13:42:17

hay im not exactley the most best animator but i really wanna help so ahh if you can give me your email ill send you a work design for the game your asking and my metrial


2008-01-26 14:30:21

your not gonna use stick men? :( i think watching stickmen die is better than drawn people