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New Game! Digg it!

2008-04-18 20:04:26 by SaucedMike

So I just released my latest game on! (I can't release it here until next week) -defender
but check it out

and if you want to be a big help, digg it! dle_Defender_Draw_your_own_ship

New Game! Digg it!

2 years, holy shit

2008-01-28 21:21:50 by SaucedMike

I just noticed that I joined the site 2 years ago today.
Kind of weird
I've barely made anything in that space of time.
Man I suck

I just released my game Modern Medieval 2 (it seems to be doing pretty well), which I actually made 6 months ago, I just hadn't put the finishing touches on it to make it releasable during that time. Well during those 6 months I have vastly (well maybe not vastly)improved my actionscript skills.
But I have not improved my animation/art skills.
and graphics were one of the few gripes that people have had with modern medieval 2.

So I am looking for an animator/artist to collaborate on a game or two.
We would split profits evenly based on how much work was done.

If you are interested, please leave a comment with a link to some of your work.